ISLE OF DOL, A Horror Play, by Janice Hibbard

February 25, 2021 @ 8:00PM — 9:30PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

A Storefront Labs Livestream Reading

ISLE OF DOL, A Horror Play, by Janice Hibbard image

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ISLE OF DOL, A Horror Play, by Janice Hibbard

A team of modern day explorers search for a mythical Island that is said to be the home of hundreds of dolls, some as much as a thousand years old. No one knows how the discarded dolls ended up on the island, for (as the legend goes..) no one discovering the island has lived to tell the tale. Local inhabitants from Australia to Micronesia and other Pacific Islanders claim to have seen the fabled island from a distance through thick fog, only to disappear into thin air. As if the island itself were a ghostly apparition. It is thought that the haunted island is somewhere off the coast of Australia, while others swear it to be seen near the Easter Islands. Chalked up as a tall tale coastal nations told their children to keep them from exploring the open oceans. Now, in present day, a team of scientific explorers search for facts in the vast Pacific Ocean, specifically, the tiny blip of The Federated States of Micronesia.

Featuring: Jaddy Ciucci, Gorgi Parks Fulper, Brian G. Hartz, Sarah Hoffman, Kyrsten Lyster, Daniel A, Martin, Liesel Schmitz, Audrey Stonerock and Zachariah Stonerock