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Receive exclusive benefits as well as permanent visual credit in Storefront's Broad Ripple facility. Your generosity goes directly to support Indianapolis artists.

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Help us support Indy artists

As Storefront dips our toes back into producing live theatre, we are excited to once again start supporting local actors, designers, staff and playwrights through artistic opportunities that pay fair wages. 70% of our programming budgets go to the artists that work on them, with the rest going to cover material production costs. Our artist salaries are guaranteed regardless of how much money our shows earn, but your support goes a long way towards making sure we can continue our mission to bring new plays by female and minority playwrights to Indianapolis.

Sponsoring a Storefront production comes with benefits, including permanent placement of your name or your organization's name in our Broad Ripple facility... and even a private viewing of a Storefront production for you and your family and friends.

Private Viewings: Storefront reserves our entire house for you or your organization to enjoy the production with your friends, family and colleagues. You may hold an event in our gallery space and catering is allowed (we have recommendations, if you like). Storefront can offer its own beverage services or you may bring in your own licensed contractor/private reserves. Storefront's theatre seats thirty people but can be flexible for more. This sponsorship level include all benefits below. $5,000.

Seat Licenses: Your or your organization's name will be permanently placed on one of Storefront's theatre chairs. Our licenses are cloth overlays that are custom made and embroidered with the sponsors name and cover the entire back of the chair. This sponsorship level includes all benefits below. $1,000

Name on Entry Screens: Storefront's box office area includes three welcome screens that scroll the names of our largest donors. This sponsorship will include you or your organization's name on the donor scroll. All future attendance to Storefront productions and events are free of charge. $500.

For more information, please feel free to reach out to Artistic Director Ronan Marra at ronan@storefrontindy.com or 317-643-0329.